Our Story


Peaceful, undisturbed Sleep is not only a luxury, it is a medical necessity. Our office is dedicated to the management of Breathing Related Sleep Disorders that interfere with Sleep; that’s all we do. Disturbed Sleep not only results in poor daytime energy and fatigue, it also leaves you susceptible to a host of co-morbid diseases that can reduce your lifespan. So, snoring and sleep apnea not only compromises quality of life, but it also reduces length of life. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is considered First Line Therapy for Sleep Apnea. CPAP is a desktop machine that blows air through a tube and mask into your nose, splinting the upper airway open and preventing collapse during sleep. It works, almost always reducing the number of airway closures into what is considered a normal range. However, the literature tells us that only approximately 1/3 of patients can tolerate wearing their CPAP all night long. The next 1/3 wear it part of the night and then take it off, and the final 1/3 cannot tolerate it at all or refuse to even try it. It is important to note that the literature also tells us that wearing your CPAP only a few hours each night does not provide the Cardiovascular protection we are hoping to achieve. So, the net result is that approximately 1/3 of patients are properly managed with CPAP therapy.

Our office provides an alternative therapy to CPAP, an oral appliance (OA) that fits into your mouth, holds your jaw slightly forward, maintaining the airway open and preventing collapse during sleep. The most current Medical Guidelines state that an OA is First Line Therapy for Snoring and should be considered a “Standard of Care” for Any Severity of Sleep Apnea (Mild, Moderate or Severe) if the patient cannot tolerate CPAP, or simply prefers an OA to CPAP.

Our facility is also a Research and Learning Centre, hosting Continuing Education programs ranging from Introductory through to a 4-Day Mini Residency, all created with the intention of increasing Airway Awareness amongst Physicians, Dentists, other Clinicians, Patients and Human Resources Officers, and also to creating a workforce of Dentists that can participate in the management of Breathing Related Sleep Disorders.

Our Facility is Accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and works to the highest evidence based standards. Callie, Elaine and I have worked together over 25 years are are dedicated to the management of Sleep Disordered Breathing through Oral Appliance Therapy.